Welcome to Second Chance Reclaimed Wood, Arizona's newest source for Reclaimed Barn Wood, Antique Lumber and Custom Furniture.

Beautifully Aged Reclaimed Wood is a Wonderful Addition to any home or office.


Whether you're an Architect, a Contractor, a Do it Yourselfer, or a Homeowner, Second Chances Master Craftsman will Help you select the historic wood you need for your project.


Accents to Walls, Window Trim, Counter Tops, Timber Joists, and Rolling Interior doors are just some of the ways to enjoy a piece of American History. 


Second Chance is Always on the lookout for possible barns or other historic buildings for salvage.  If you have a barn or building that you may need to remove either for the added space or due to its condition, it may not stand much longer, please reach out to Second Chance using the Contact information listed below so Mark can help determine if the lumbar is salvageable.

If you are a do-it-yourself and plan on disassembling the structure yourself and would like to sell the entire package of reclaimed wood, please reach out to Second Chance using the Contact information listed below for an offer.   Due to high shipping costs, the lumber should be a minimum of 8,000 board feet.

As much information & pictures of structures or lumber will help expedite an offer.  Please email all relevant information using the email address listed in the Contact section below.




Mark Ostermann's Career in the construction and engineering industries spans four decades and he has always had a passion for creating works of art with reclaimed-antique wood.  He turned that passion into Second Chance Reclaimed Wood.  


Now he spends his time creating pieces from beautiful reclaimed wood so others can enjoy the natural beauty of the aged reclaimed wood. 


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